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Formal recognition of your experience as a Langugae Assistant abroad

I am a Language Assistant, how do I obtain my diploma?

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Who endoreses my diploma?

The diploma is officially accredited by EIS and the Educational Centre in charge of evaluating the Language Assistant. 

What skills are recognised within the diploma? 

  • Leadership
  •  Effective communication
  • Design and structuring of the curriculum
  •  Managing class discipline
  • Creativity
  • Organisation

What funtions/skilss are recognised in my diploma?

  •  Working with the teacher in the classroom. 
  •  Working in an independent way with small groups of students -paying special attention to oral skills.
  •  Help prepare students for oral exams.
  •  Contribute to interdisciplinary work in collaboration with other subjects.
  •  Develop different types of activities in the foreign language with communication tools: (clubs, workshops, sport activties, etc).
  •  Support the creation and development of international projects.
  • Act as an ambassador of your own culture. 


Why request the diploma?

Official recognition

The Erasmus In School diploma means official recognition of teaching experience in a foreign country as a Language Assistant.

100% practical training recognised

The best way to learn ro ride a bike is... riding! Similarly, the best way to learn a language is by oing to classes and taking action. 

Innovative approach recognised 

The EIS program is focused on the teaching and learning of a foreign language in the same way that each one of us learn our native language, talking with natives. 

Recognised global vision

The EIS  program offers:
- Knowledge of other educational systems.
- Accesss to good teaching practices.
-Inter-cultural exchanges. 

Recognised teaching mentor scheme 

The EIS program offers constant mentorhsip by a professional language teacher, and that includes his/her as a guide for the Language Assistant and to help develop all his/her potential.  

Recognised adaptability

Living in a foreign country is always a challenge and takes you to the limits of adapting to change and learning.