Help schools find teachers, teaching interns or summer camp leaders.
Share teaching vacancies on your smartphone and start making money.

How does it work:

  • Register HERE as Social Media Ambassador
  • Receive vacancy information on your mobile and start posting. Easy! Just copy-paste!
  • Get paid 3€ for each candidate referred by you who got pre-selected to take the interview. 


1. What am I supposed to post?
You will receive the vacancy details and a picture, You can just copy-paste it or create your own post if you want to. Make sure you write an e-mail in your post where you would like to receive the CV of candidates. 
2. Where am I suppposed to post and share?
You can post at any social media channel: WhatsApp groups, Instagram, Facebook, college notice boards, etc, 
3. How do I refer a candidate?
Just send his/her CV to indicating the position you are referring him/her for.
4. How do I track which candidate got selected?
Erasmus In School will inform you. Our entire system works based on transparency. 
5. What happen if I make a lot of posts but nobody gets selected?
You are probably posting in the wrong groups. You can always ask our team at and receive support and guidance about how to target the correct audience.
6. I am getting a lot of selected candidates, can I ask for a certificate that proof my real skils in Digital Marketing as Social Media Ambassador? Yes, you are entitled to apply for this certificate after reaching the first milestone of 10 candidates selected.