Citizens from any country outside the European Union who came to Spain on a tourist visa (90 days) or citizens from the USA who came to Spain for a period of maximum 90 days (without tourist visa).

Official name of the visa:
Estancia por estudios, investigacion, formacion, intercambio de alumnos, práticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado inicial

Benefits of this visa:
This visa will allow you to apply for the student visa, without the need to return to your home country.

Requirements documents:

1.       National visa application form dulyfilled out and signed 

2.       Acceptance letter in an authorized teaching centre in Spain in order to complete a full time program (equivalent to 20h/week) which leads to an official diploma or studies certification.

3.       Invoice of having paid the fees of the studies course.

4.       Criminal records clearance only in case you are going to stay in the country for more than 6 months. (The criminal records clearance should be issued by your home country or the country where you have been living during the previous last 5 years).

5.       Having enough economical resources to cover the entire stay. You should proof that you have the 100% of the IPREM (Indicador Publico de Renta de Efectos Multiples) per month, which means being able to show you will have at least 537,84 euros per each month you plan to stay in Spain.

6.       Having a health insurance authorized to operate in Spain. This health insurance should include expatriation coverage.

7.       Medical certificate according to the International Health Rule of 2005 which proof that you do not have any disease which might put others in risk.

8.      EX-00) document (2 copies) properly filled out and signed. 

9.       2 Size passport photos.

10.   Copy of passport. Please, bear in mind that your passport should at least valid until the date you plan to stay in Spain.

11.   Printing out the tax form ‘Modelo 790‘, you can find this. You must go the bank and pay this tax, usually €15-20 and keep the receipt with you. 



1st Appointment:
You will 
need to make an appointment at the extranjeria office and submit all the papers, copies, translations, etc.


If all goes well, you will receive a letter in the mail anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on how busy they are.


Once the papers start being processed, your ‘tourist visa’ is on hold. If your 90-days is close to ending, relax! You have still time to be legally in Spain until you receive the letter from the foreign office with acceptance/rejection status.


2nd Appointment

Next, you will be going to the foreign office on a particular date that has been assigned to you with the following documentation:

-Copy of having paid the form 790

-1 passport size photo
-The document itself through which you have been notified to go to the foreign office to collect your N.I.E. card. 

Congratulations! You have now your student visa for Spain! 

I want EIS to apply for my visa: 121€