How to renew your Spanish student visa

By: Brendan McBride I am an American in love with Spain and a Spanish girl. I have been working as language assistant and English teacher during 4 years in Spain, so I have gone through the process of renewing my student visa plenty of times.

Many Americans, like myself, want to continue our studies and internships in Spain. The question we ask ourselves is, “But how do I renew my student visa?” Here I explain you all steps you need to follow:

Student Visa Renewal Qualifications:

First things first, how do you qualify for a renewal?

If you have the following documents, you are eligible for a visa renewal:

1.    Spanish Student Visa (it should have a code ending with SSU or SLU at the bottom of your visa in your passport)

2.    You have no criminal record in Spain

3.    You are a non-European Union Citizen

4.    You have completed your studies and have been accepted to continue your studies

Timeframe of When to Apply:

You can apply for your visa renewal 60 days before your expiration date and up to 90 days after the expiration date.

When you have finished your application, your paperwork will receive a stamp. This stamp signifies you have a applied for an extension, meaning you can legally stay in Spain until a decision is made on your extension.

How to Apply for the Extension:

The next part includes the 3 Extranjería office visits that you will need to make.

1st Visit

To start the visa renewal process, you should make an appointment with your local extranajería office. On the day of your appointment, here are the things you need to have:

1.    TIE - (Student Visa Card). Make sure you bring a photocopy.

2.    Passport. Also have photocopies of all the pages.

3.    Your current school letter of acceptance or job/internship contract

4.    Your next year’s letter of acceptance or job/internship contract

5.    The application form EX-00 (Solicitud de autorización de estancia y prórrogas)

6.   (Tasa)

7.    Proof of your payment for next year’s courses

8.    Bank statement

9.    House Registration - (Empadronamiento)*

10.  Local Medical Insurance*

*For 9 and 10, you should already have these documents if you have been in Spain on a student visa.

When you finish this appointment, you should have a stamped EX-00. At the end of this visit, tell them your address, because you receive a letter informing you about your renewal. Be patient here, this can take 1-4 months for the approval of your visa.

2nd Visit:

When you receive your renewal letter, called ¨resolución solicitud¨, go to the extranjería office for a second appointment. You should schedule another appointment.

You need with you:

1.    Passport with photocopies of the pages.

2.    Another payment (Tasa)

3.    3 passport sized photos

4.    Your renewal letter (Resolución solicitud). Bring a photocopy.

5.    The Extamped EX-00 form and photocopy

6.    House Registration - (Empadronamiento)

At the end of this appointment, you will have an official document confirming you have renewed your visa. Now you just have to wait a month.

3rd and Final Visit:

Now that a month has passed, go back to the extranjería office. You shouldn’t need a appointment to pick up your new visa.

You need with you:

1.    Your passport.

2.    Your original TIE, this is your student visa card.

3.    The official renewal document that you got at the end of your 2nd visit And there you go! You have your new student visa!

Remember that this process seems easy, but there are always different situations to be prepared for. It is important to be patient and have everything that can help you in this process, meaning copies of everything you have and any letters or documents that can help you establish your visa extension and stay in Spain for another year.

Below are some photos of the documents mentioned above for your reference: TIE - Spanish student visa card:

Passport with Student Visa: 

Contracts, New and Old (This example is from my Erasmus in School contract):

EX- 00 - Solicitud de autorización de estancia y prórrogas ( Find it here ):

Tasa/Payment ( You can find it here )
Empadronamiento (House Registration):