´╗┐Become a student ambassador

Would you like to do something exciting during your time at university? Do you enjoy meeting international students and giving talks?

Step forward to become an Ambassador for Erasmus In School. We are recruiting worldwide ambassadors who will be representing EIS at their universities and cities.       

Your tasks:

- Liasing with students associations and the International Office of your university.

- Represent EIS at different University fairs in your home country and abroad.

- Replying to e.mails from international students and meeting them.

- Introducing EIS to students, schools and universities.

- Posting regularly on social media channels.

- Drafting online leaflets and promoting free registration at EIS.

- Helping the structure of EIS go bigger.

What is in for you?

- Your name along with a corporative email account of EIS will be created.

- Paid round trip tickets and accommodation when you represent EIS at events abroad.

- Diploma certificate that recognizes your work and skills acquired.

- Possibility to meet a lot of local and international students.

How to apply?

Send your CV to university@erasmusinschool.com 
Students from Kristu Jayanti College, please fill out this form in order to applyhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RMQvbVBfo00sD39m2v_uC8lmGD8gGoZIIYZ4kkQDQ5M/edit?fbclid=IwAR0XgLamDC_w1d23pq1DX0U7CBaGenx29GFPQyGVu0rNFcOXwj77Jq-4fRU