Publish your vacancies for free

Publish your vacancies for free

Are you looking for a Language Assistant for your school or business? 
Advertise your vacancies for Language Assistants for free here and gain worldwide coverage. 

See registered profiles here:

Save time with your search by sending the same message to multiple Language Assistants here (click Select choose the profiles you are interested in click send blind copy BC).

Forget paying agency fees or for advertisements. Erasmus In School takes care of filling your vacancies with students and graduates from all around the world; only you need to post offers to start receiving CVs. 

Advantages of registering with EIS

  •  Free registration, fast and simple.
  •  Worldwide visibility for your Language Assistant vacancies.
  •  Send and receive private messages to/from Language Assistants.
  • Avoid intermediaries = Save money.
  • Ability to choose and interview candidates directly without intermediaries.
  •  Reception and storage service for Language Assistant CVs.
  •  Send the same message to multiply Assistants at once by sending them by blind ciopy (BC).
  •  Save time during the search process by applying filters with the advanced search: (nationality, city, language, start/end date, etc).
  •  Possibility of evaluating Language Assistant with Erasmus In School´s Diploma/certification.
  •  Ability to enable notifications to receive emails every time an Education Centre that you are interested in registers.

 How a Language Assistant helps:

  •  Encourages Language Immersion
  •  Learn in a natural way (the same way that babies learn their native language).
  •  Improve listening comprehension (students and teachers).
  •  Improve oral fluency (students and teachers).
  • Develop multi-culturalism in the centre/school.
  • Possibility of working in smaller groups.
  •  Improve the confidence of the students and their curiosity about other cultures.
  • Provide new teaching resources and materials.


Why request a Language Assistant

The best way to learn to ride a bike is...riding! Similarly, the best way to learn to speak a foreign language is...speaking!

A Language Assistant is a native speaker that supports a teacher in the classroom when teaching a foreign language.

Not every student can go to a foreign country to learn a language, however with a Language Assistant present language immersion is possible in the classroom. 

The Language Assistant is the best way to motivate whatever kind of local business related to laanguages as well as being the best tool for students to learn the same way that they learnt their native language, speaking with natives.