What is the program about:
This program allows you teach English to a Spanish host family during summer.


Summer (up to 3 months) June, July and August. 

What the program includes:
-Free accommodation
-Free lodging
-Pocket money given by the family 

Which are your tasks as Summer Tutor:
-Communicating with the family in English
-Doing actitivities with their children: going to the beach, swimming-pool, watching movies in English language, going to the park, etc.

How does it work:
1. Fill out the form here.
2. Erasmus In School will find a family that matches your profile.
3. You have the final interview with the family and sign the agreement contract. 

How much does it cost:
Free. You do not need to pay anything to be matched with a family. You will only need to pay for your flight tickets and health insurance.