If you plan to study your Bachelors program in Spain, you need to obtain the equivalence/homologation of your high school diploma.

1. Equivalence/Homologation of high school diploma: 435€ (taxes included).
2. Equivalence/ Homologation of Associate degree: 435€ (taxes included). 
What is included in the homologation service of Erasmus In School:
-Sending an info-pack document to the applicant where all the documents and translations he/she needs to submit.
-Revising all documents necessary to apply for the homologation before submitting the application. 
-Submitting all documents through the Ministry of Education of Spain, without the need to obtain digital certificate.
-Paying the official taxes application form to the authorized Spanish bank linked to the Ministry of Education in Spain. 
-Sending a track number to the applicant that shows that the application has been officially submitted. This number allows to track the status of the application. 
Benefits of obtaining high school diploma homologation/equivalence:
Being able to apply to obtain admission at Spanish Universities (including Government universities) where fees are about 1,000€ per year. 

Benefits of obtaining Associate Degree homologation/equivalence:
All universities in Spain have a quota for students coming from Associate degree or its equivalent. Therefore, having the Associate degree homolagated will make the process way easier to obtain admission. 

How to apply:
Send an email to university@erasmusinschool.com 
WhatsApp: 34 617 46 00 24