STUDY YOUR MASTERS IN EUROPE (in English language)

Tell us what and where you want to study in Europe and our team will find the best 3 options for you as well as the scholarships you can apply with your profile. Save time and delegate the task in our professional team of Education Advisors.

OPTION A) I want to apply on my own (just need Erasmus In School to save my time in finding the right course and University for me):

1. Fill out this form (tell us about yourself, what, when and where you want to study and the maximum amount you can affod to pay for your Masters. We will also find scholarships that match your profile. 

2. Make the payment.

3. Receive a customized report within with the following information:

- Top 3 Universities that fulfill your criteria. This includes (University name, website, list of requirements to apply and deadline).

- Options of scholarships to study in these universities (if available). 

- Alternative scholarships avaialble for you.

- Homologation information for the foreign university to accept your credentials. 



OPTION B) I seek application assistance to apply for my studies abroad:


1. Send an email to mentioning which university you want to apply for. 

2. Make the payment
3. Our team of Education advisors will contact you and start working on your application. 


Application for 1 University/scholarship: 495€
Application for 2 Universities/scholarships: 595€
Application for 3 Universities/scholarships: 795€ 

 Note: You can combine the number of Universities or Scholarships as you wish. 

How to apply:
E-mail to us at 
Contact us via WhatsApp: 34 617 46 00 24