Hey, class

  • Beijing, China
  • Nov 2019
  • 13 Months
  • 5 / week
  • Spanish, English, French
  • Yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • Yes


Our brand name is "Hey,class", we are specialized in delivering the native English language to Chinese kids or adults by online teaching trough our platform ( app).
We have teaching types like 1 on 1 classroom ,but also individual or group classes so different type of classes.The students could choose according to their needs to have 10 classes, 20 classes, 48 classes and 96 classes as one term ; each class usually last for 25mins or 50mins according to student's age group.We include different teaching methods like singing,music,storytelling,art,games,so our classes are always full of fun.All our teacher are very talented individuals.
The reason we are doing this is that we found many people in smaller cities in China have no access to learn native English language from qualified foreign teachers. And to make this thing happen, we choose to do what we can do.Our founders worked as both educators and administrators .We’ve taken those experiences-as well as our passion for motivating and engaging young learners.Our teachers are very talented individuals and our classes are always full of fun, we don't teach only English, we implement other subjects into our lessons depending on the teachers passions and majors ! Our mission is to make China billingual. We believe that English can link up China and other countries for making a better world. *Plus* We can also offer Spanish and French courses.

What we offer

Salary, training, grow with us,be part of our excellent team who cares about you as a person , free trip to China in the future. Let's make this world a better place, together we can do a lot ❤ Also, if you would like to come to teach English in China, we are cooperating with many schools in different cities across China ( kindergartens, training centers, international schools, public schools, universities) so we can help you and introduce you to the schools - free accommodation included, great salary, flight reimbursement, bonuses, work visa. We don't charge any fees. If you have any further questions feel free to email :

Assistant tasks

- To teach English to Chinese kids or adults (or other subjects in English) trough our online platform using your PC or laptop. We have books which you can follow but you have a freedom to incorporate your own teaching style. Salary is negotiable according your qualifications. Working hours are flexible according your availability. All our teachers are payed each 1. of the month trough Paypal.You can teach practically from anywhere, any part of the world as long as you have a stable Internet connection.



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